Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stinks #2

This is my second post about things that stink. However, this'n is a gonna be a bit funnier. On the way home from Zombie's house at 2am I took a farm-like road in order to return to my abode. I've seen deers and such at this time in recent times, so seeing any sort of roadkill isn't so strange. My mom oncet had a boyfriend who lived one mile road farther toward the airport. When neither one had a job, he used to drive these roads to find warm roadkill and eat it. It is important to note that me and my mom never ate such things. As I passed a greenhouse I looked straight ahead and seen a very splatted small animal in front of me. I passed alongside of it and a terrible smell like none other come into my car. It was a dead skunk. I liketa die from the horrilbe smell.

'Member how I just told you of the nasty smell of that skunk. Well, I continued a couple of streets beyond the dead skunk and turned into my neighborhood. I pulled up into my driveway and noticed another little guy checking out my gate. It was another black and white friend. I was stunned. I have never seen a skunk alive in my life except at the zoo and a random pet one on a passerby's shoulder in Quebec. This one was very cool. He acted as if I wasn't there and my lights weren't a shinin' directly in his face. He didn't care one bit. He just done whatever and marched back into the backyard very slowly like nothing was going on.

My conversation with my Spanish teacher went very well. I prayed very very hard that what I was wanting to say would be very clear and kind. She was very understanding and finally understood that the problem was that none of us know what she is saying and she don't know what we are saying. I was surprised that I was able to get her to be so calm. I know that whatever I was saying to her was not directly from me. I thank God that He give me the exact words to say whatever needed to be said. This don't stink.

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K-Dogg said...

the Lovely Lady and i were on a date one night. we were sittin on a park bench. i happened to notice two little black and white creatures like you described. (i have a keen sence of awareness that a ninja would covet.) they were circling round us. i told her to pick her feet up slowly. i don't think she had noticed them yet cause she asked why. before she realized what was going on, i snagged those vermin by the tail and chucked them into the nearby river. it was amazing! that river was probably a good 100 yards away! i believe that is when she fell in love with me. who could blame her.