Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Must Fix (Maybe Deacons Can Help)

The world is so messed up. I feel as if I am supposed to help to fix everything. I have no idea where this feeling of responsibility comes from. Today, as I was getting off of the freeway, I noticed all of the trash that has become alive after the snow melted. It is a season's worth of garbage piled up on the sides of the freeway exits. Dang.... there's a lot of trash. I think that I'd need two bags to clean it up.

The trash that is on the road reminded me of all of the trash that is in my life. I am not sure what all of the trash is, but I know that it is there. After some time, the trash clouds our minds and makes us used to the trash. I ain't saying that I don't want to figure it out, but I often feel as if I can't.

Most of the material stuff in our lives makes the scene quite cloudy. Think of a man standing on a bridge a lookin' out into a soupy lake. It looks cool to see the fog hovering above the water, but beyond that it's blah. I have too much stuff. I look forward to getting rid of more of it. Less to clean and less to worry about.

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