Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Rules Rules

I reported someone for doing the complete opposite of what is required at my job. I asked the students not to use youtube in other languages or at all and to not bring food or drinks to the lab or classroom. This student who had already been caught cheating became the first person I have reported to campus safety in 3 years. She did everything in a way that was rude and just plain against the rules. A few times she yelled at me in class because I told her the correct answer. If the rules are easier to follow overseas, go there!! What bothers me the most is that I only ask the students to do very normal things. For example, speak English in English class, don't bring drinks or food to a computer lab, don't yell at me for no reason, don't cheat and other normal stuff. What is this girls problem? These students want us to make a compromise while they would never do such a thing. Students were asking me what I could do to control her. I had no other options. I'd do the same thing again.


Zombie said...

"Why is she in my country?"


High on the Hog said...

Yes, if you can't follow the rules of the county's institutions and it is so better elsewhere... why be here?