Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Not Taken

Somebody stoled my phone from my work.  I think it was a customer.  I was angry for about 3 minutes and then I realized that it made somebody's day to get it.  I guess they gonna enjoy it more than I did anyway.  It took my time from me.  They wadn't a minute that went by that I didn't think about it when I had forgot it at my house.  It was like a leash.  I used it too much.  No joke! In fact it used me.  I give it my time, energy and money.  For what!!??  I turned around and said to myself that they took my phone, but I got myself back.  Ha!  I'm gonna enjoy only having texting and a much lower phone bill.  I'm not taken!

The news has really gotten to me recently.  This 'white' stabber in Michigan who was after called Jewish and then a Christian Arab is getting on my nerves.  I mean.... how obvious is it people. Wake up!  He worked at a party store in Flint, his mom has a Muslim name (so does he), his neighbor says he was 'religious' and the media has kept a blabbin' about how he could be anything but what he is.  Just google AP stabber story and you'll see for your-own-self.  I tried my best to not believe it.  However, it is what it is.... This makes the third in a sting of mass killings similar to this.  DC then Texas and now this!  Maybe Obamer will have another Ramadan meal at the White House and the stabber can go have a beer and make up with the nation. However, I'm not taken by their hogwash.

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Aeh Desiree' said...

How cool would it be to turn on the tele and see Obama and a serial killer chillin' and having a few beers. AWESOME.