Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Wind's A Blowin'

The title of today's blog is a super sweet song. For some reason, I remember listening to it at my house when a few friends had come over to visit. It is part of my extensive record collection. My friends were annoyed while I was in my glory. LOL!

Well, I can say that winter has done arrived. The next 4 days has a forcast of snow. It ain't gonna pile up or anything, but I know winter has come if I see snow in so many forcasts in a row. The wind blows so hard here all of the time. Even back when I had just got here, I had to wear a jacket all the time cuz of the wind. The sun was a lookin' down and it wasn't cold, but there was still a bite in the air. The sun ain't up til 11 pm no more. The sun goes down at 7:30 ish which seems normal, but I know real short days are a comin'. I hope I don't get depressed. LOL!

The winds of change have blowed through too. Things are finally as close to 'normal' that they gonna get around here. I know where things are and where they ain't. I also know who is cool and who ain't for the most part. It takes time to read places and people everwhere you go. I sure have a lot of learnin' to go, but it ain't strange no more. That's all that matters for now.

I find time and distance to be interesting concepts. I been a thinkin' on them two subjects a bit in the last few days. Relationships of all kinds change based on those two things. When I was in South Korea, my sister found the need to communicate with me almost on a daily basis. Well, when I got home, she wadn't interested in talking too much no more. This time here, she ain't said more than a peep toward me. Then they's the friends who talk or don't talk to me too much and it don't make much of a difference whenever we do talk. Distance can be both physical and not. Both of 'em are the same when it comes to relating to people. If you ain't a talkin' to someone, things gonna change and they ain't much you can do about it. My pastor back home has said many times that there is no such thing as quality time spent with someone. Time is time and that time is meaningful. I fully agree with that! I need to see some real 'change that I can believe in'. LOL!


K-Dogg said...

hopefully you believe in changing your underwear.

High on the Hog said...

You are plumb dumb at times, but at the same time you are cool.