Monday, September 28, 2009


The kids say that 'cool' stuff is 'sick' here. I am sick again. I try to stay late at school and grade papers and I often go back at night to see what needs done. I ain't got to look far. I could stay there 'til the cows come home' and I ain't a gonna see the light of day. I'm a sinkin' in work and they aint' no way around it. Just when I start to thinkin' that I'm about to get ahead I get knocked backwards a few feet. So, all in all it ain't sick. However, I'm sick. I can't kick this here cold. Meetings are draining me. If I didn't have them, I'd get ahead. I am not able to keep up with everything and do that too. I struggle of the mornings to get up and do it again.

What are you sick of? Does that thing also make your world turn? Is it a person or a job or a place? I so easily get sick of those things just to miss them when I am gone? I get annoyed so easily with this and that and I am not in control of any of it. Just when I get to thinkin' that I am in control, it all falls apart. I do not want to be in control. Nothing works out when I am in control anyway. I prefer that I not be in control.


K-Dogg said...

you miss Timmy Ho Ho's don't you, and your ultra sick maroon pants. BTW, has Timmy moved into Alaska yet. I'm sure between Windsor and us, we could spare one for you.

i miss throwing objects at your tet.

Zombie said...

But you get the WHOLE summer off! Don't complain!

High on the Hog said...

Zombie... First off, if Obamber gets his way..., I won't have the summers off. Secondly, sick is sick and working the hours I've been working makes it worse. If you knew how much I like it here, you wouldn't see it as complaining. Just sayin'!