Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Do I Make Plans?

I make plans to go to the gym and I end up picking berries. I plan on going to this church and I end up at another. I plan on teaching this that or the other and I teach something else. Why do I have to be confused. Might could I find a path? I do have a place to lay my head.

I am excited for this weekend. They's so many papers to correct, but time's a flyin' by so fast this week cuz of Labor Day. I have so much a goin' on. Do this, copy that and correct everything. I am going out of my mind in a good way. Why did I have 5 jobs and have it easy while going to school? How was that possible? I just have a lot of questions. So many I can't imagine.

I had plans to go to the gym today, but I ended up in the forest picking wild cranberries for someone else to make jelly. What has went wrong with me? Time is my enemy here! I try to connect with people here while not being lost in what's happening back 'home'. I can't call out and I don't have an answering machine, so I ain't got no idea if people have called or not. I then get e-mails saying....., "WTF"?


peggy said...

who makes the jelly?

Burkulater said...

Mmmm...that jelly sounds great!

High on the Hog said...

Almost everyone here makes or catches everything they eat except me it seems. I'm new to the idea.