Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Trip

This place is a trip. I can't keep up. I know that I say that in every post, but time goes by too fast here. The amount of work that I have to do is above what I ever dreamt it would be. It is a place that is so cool and that welcomes better than most, but it still needs help more than most places. The chances to serve people here are more than there. You ain't got to look far and you see needs beyond what one can do. Tonight I was at a youth event and a teen was talking about his family history. Wow! He felt very able to tell me the details of a not so wonderful life in a way that was truly meaningful and not odd. I had never met him before. I must have this thing on my face that says come and tell me stuff about yourself. I can remember being back in Detroit and stuff like that would happen. I done this experiment with a friend once and I just sit there at a bench and waited. Within 4 minutes a foreign person ask me a question. This place is no different, but it is a trip unlike any other.

I went to a potluck for new people at the bingo hall tonight. They's lots of cool people there. That's how it goes! I eat turkey and it was super awesome. It was cool. After that a friend give me a ride to the youth center where I watched as a kid used a huge rubber band to welt hisself and others while he laughed out of control. It was amusing in the least. I laughed out of control if you could imagine that. The weather turned from rainy and in the 50s to partly sunny and in the 50s in the evening which give me a smile.

I will have an answering machine soon. I have a little helper who went to Anchorage. This elf will be bringing me some gifts and that is one of them. I am excited that you'uns who wanna leave messages can. I can't call back, but I still can laugh at the messages. I can imagine the funny ones now. I know in advance who will make funny noises and say funny things. I can't wait. That will also be a trip.


Laura said...

you crack me up. would I leave a funny on?

High on the Hog said...

No, more like K-dogg! Well, maybe!

Zombie said...

Hey Ray, great to see you are busy and having a good time (If you know what I mean) jk.

Haven't harassed your for a while so here goes.

I muted my comp. before opening your blog.

Your language is now treading from hick/hillbilly/monkey/Appalachian to all of those things plus 1st grade grammer.

So I hope that gave you a little piece of home.

K-Dogg said...

eeh! wha!

what you talkin bout?