Monday, September 21, 2009

Lots to Do!

I've come to the point of breaking in many ways. I spend hours upon hours at the school. It is a place of peace. I can go up to my room and work for hours. I ain't able to do all that needs done. I mean never. I also have so many other things going on. I attended a meeting for the youth center grant for several hours on Sunday after correcting papers til the cows came home. Sunday must become a day of rest. That's my goal. I ain't able to do it quite yet, but that day's a rollin' 'round the corner. The snows a gonna fall soon too. I want to pick berries some more. I run out of berries for my oatmeal because I wasn't hardworking enough to gather enough for even one month let alone a winter. Arr.

I decided today that I was going to go to a friend's house to watch a football game. I don't like football too much. I prefer hockey cuz it is of the Mother Land. I ain't gonna say that too loud here cuz there's some serious hate for Canadian miners around here. I ain't got an opionion on it yet, but I do know that it is a touchy topic to say the least around here. After the game I went to unpack a huge box of food that people back home sent me. I liked many a thing in that box. It was like X-mas! I love getting boxes. I get a little yellow card in my PO box and it is super awesome. After that I went to the gym at the school across the road. They finally give me a key to the weight room. I'z a waitin' on a guy to give it to me for a month. Finally, they give it to me. I was going to go and bother a neighbor and ask him to figure out a different way to connect me to the Internet, cuz this dumb wireless ain't been a workin' in 1 week. It worked and I didn't know what to do other than get on here and write a blog. I sit here now thinking that I must go work for an hour before the morning cuz I know we have a meeting in the morning. I am never never never done.

I was planning on hanging out with my elf after school for the whole afternoon, but I realized that I commited to working at the youth center at 4:30 and she has to be at the 'Teen Tuesday" at 6. So, we gonna have to wait a bit and hang after. I was also looking forward to celebrating a friend's birthday on Wednesday, but I got open house at the school. And no, I ain't ready. I know it is two days from now, but I simply ain't ready. Needless to say, the birthday ain't gonna get celebrated until the weekend.

They's things that I'd love to say on this blog that just ain't able to be shared. They's no point in talking in 'code' cuz everyone knows everything here, so I just can't. They's part of me that wants to share funny or droll things with you, but this simply ain't the forum. I'll be happy to laugh with you'uns when I get back for X-mas. And yes....., they's been 2 mentions of X-mas (which makes 3 at this point, so I am ready to see everyone!

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