Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stress and Work

I am so tired right now. This week has been way too busy. I ain't able to remember all that I done and all that should have been done that wadn't. It is Friday and the week has sped by so fast. I come home with 5 folders plumb full of stuff to grade. I have dinner plans at 4pm and I am expecting a phone call at 12. I am supposed to lift at 1:30 and also serve at the youth center from 8-10. So, I have no time on Saturday to correct this huge pile of papers. I would like to scream.

Here I sit at the kitchen table trying to correct online work as I write a long overdue blog. There's so much to write about and nothing at the same time. Today I worked and then went out to eat at a restaurant. For two of us to eat it was $50. Whatever, it is 'The Cold Hard Town'. I then went to the beach for the first time. It was interesting. The cliff was awesome with the sand showing all the layers of sand. We made tidal streams flow as we kicked back the rocks from a tidal pool and found several moose legs randomly laying on the beach. They could have been from either bear or moose hunters. We then drove down a long dirt road toward a lake. We stopped to climb a hill filled with tundra cranberries and seen the most awesome view of the mountains in the background. The sunset shined off of the lake and the shadows was amazing. It was the most amazingest thing I've seen since I got here.

On the way home I stopped at the friend's house to pick him up a coke and he showed me his insect collection. He had stopped while we was a walkin' on the beach to pick him up a moth. It was funny. He also blowed snot rockets about every 5 minutes. It was very funny. For some reason he carried his gun on the tundra, but not on the beach. LOL! They's evidence of bear on the beach, but none on the tundra. Whatever, I lived.

I stopped up at the youth center after all of this for 1 1/2 hours. It is a bit of an escape for me. It is about 2 city blocks down the way. They's some super funny people who goes there. I enjoy them a ton. Who knows what that will bring?

I got a funny message on my answering machine and it was from exactly who I thought it would be from. I knew that the machine would get at least one crazy message per week. I was happy to laugh. Now I am not laughing. I must work and it is 11pm on a Friday night. I will do the least amount to where I feel as if I done my part for the night. I know that works a gonna be waitin' me in the morning. Arrr.

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Burkulater said...

It's annoying to read hick.

Your week is funny.

"We" sounds like maybe you and a girlfriend? hmmm...