Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here I Sit!

There's tastes of home here now. I feel a bit like it is home. I have my own bed, shower and sink full of dishes. I come in the door too late to do all that needs done here at 'home'. I still don't know where the time goes here. The days don't drag at all. I simply wake up and go to sleep and whatever happens in between is mass chaos every day. I am so far behind and so far ahead. I am still confused of the morning when I stumble out of my door after eating a bowl of oatmeal. There's too much that needs done. Where can I turn for peace in this peaceful place?

I remember the week before I left to come here. I forgot to go to work for the first time in my life. I was in Ann Arbor helping a friend move a couch and realized that I had done missed work. I amazingly got paid. However, today after having signed up for a tech. class, I forgot to go. My head was a hurtin' beyond believe and I just walked home and took me a much needed nap. Just after getting up I went to have dinner with some friends and then to another friend's house. They just got back from a real city where they had a Taco Bell and they brung me a taco and bean burrito. I was so happy! After having eat moose today two times, a good bit of Taco Bell seems like heaven. I will eat it for supper. Or will I go to another potluck? Who knows? The days pass so fast here, but here I sit!

I have splendid music playing which brings me back to places other than this kitchen table. Things are certainly different here. I am now looking at my fouton which has two bags of food that was sent to me resting on it. I never dreamt that I'd use a fouton for some place to keep food. I never dreamt that I'd be getting in from work after 11 pm two nights in a row and still feel like I'm just a driftin' along. Where is this place that I am? The Cold Hard Town is just that, cold and hard, but it ain't that bad.

I fear the nights here. Not because it is dark or anything like that, but because I know one more day has past and not enough has got done. I labor hard, but I don't. This place brings confusion at times and great peace at others. I'm still trying to figure out if I wanna stay long. Who knows what time will bring? I do know that I truly wanna drive a car and roll down the windows, and go thru a drive-thru, and see everyone. I will have to buy a ticket soon for Christmas. I am excited to be there and affraid to leave here and reverse. Interesting things going on in my mind.

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Burkulater said...

At least no one had to turn their car off to get that bean burrito order.