Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Cold Hard Night

Well, it is official. Fall has come. The leafs have done turned colors. Driving down the road here makes me chill a bit. I am not chill much these days. They's work issues which are not under my control. I take the issues home and that stresses me out. Ain't that life? I have decided that I am a worker at heart. I knew that before with my 5 jobs and school, but here I really know it. I want the best and the most of the best all of the time. Why do I do this to myself when I know it isn't the best? Being busy isn't the best, but I want it anyway. I 'member when I tried to not work in the summer and I kept work 5 days a week until 3 days before I left to come here and work more. Time is gold to me and also Satan at the same time.

I've had some funny experiences here. One happened today when I talked to a student in 8th grade who told me that he likes to wake up early on the weekends and club birds on the side of the road. I guess they got a defense thing that includes holding still. Well, he just clubs them in the head and picks 'em up for food. So funny! I know of a grandma in town who carries a club in her back seat in order to do that too. I wish my grandma would have done funny things like that.

I'm going on a field trip on Friday. It is funny, cuz I am supposed to teach them what they already know. I have hardly picked berries in my life except behind my family's house with my uncle. Not exactly an expert! So, I will supervise! LOL!!!

I have not took a nap today unlike most good days. I try and take me a nap of at least 30 minutes since I never get more than 6 1/2 hours of rest per night. I know that it ain't healthy, but I keep a doin' it. My Internet ain't workin' at my house at the moment for an unknown reason and the owner of the Inn ain't super helpful with it. Wow, they's some funny stories with that place. At least I have two sets of awesome neighbors. We share food all of the time. It goes like this, "Hey, I got some extra chicken." and "Here's some pie that I ain't able to finish." It is pretty funny. Often on the way out of whomever's house, food is passed along. I stopped by a neighbor's house tonight and he said that he's a gonna give me some of his friend's moose meat. Really interesting. Sort of like a built in silo everywhere.

It is really not cold or hard here at this point. They's just stuff a goin' on all of the time and no time to do anything extra. They's dirty dishes of the evening when I get home and rice that needs cooked for lunch and a shit-ton of papers a waitin' on me. I ain't but a day in advance with the planning and I ain't able to get ahead. I keep a truckin' along. I look forward to Sunday every week. I look forward to the Sunday that will not include a trip to the school for a single thing. Tonight, at 10:40.... I sit in my classroom listening to youtube and writing all of this down. I know this is random, but I love random.