Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Calm Cool Evening

I woke up and went to work. I hardly had an idea what I was doing as I rushed to school early to figure out I mostly knew what was going on. I must be early and stay late even when I am not doing much of anything there. It isn't that I have an obsession with the job, it is that I am doing something that I like. It ain't hard, but it is. I remain clueless, but the pieces are a fallin' in place. The wind was a blowin' and the rain was pourin' as I walked to school in the morning. Feeling the drops of water beat against my face was not so fun. My throat was a hurtin' like nobody's business. I guess that is what happens when I am exausted.

I took me a nap unlike most today after work. I heard somebody a knockin' on the door and ignored whoever it was. I still ain't got no idea who it was. My phone rung and woke me up and it was a friend. There was a ton to say, but I felt distant from 'home' for the first time. I guess I'm here now and not there. The idea of place is important to me. I identify with place more than other things. Places are special. I went next door to hang out with my cool neighbors. They remind me of friends back home. They are real and have a focus in life like many would only dream of. I left early cuz the weather had turned mild and sunny at 8:30 pm. I walked to the gas station where I got me a 'big gulp' like drink for $3 which is super cheap here. It was worth the walk. I went to walkin' thinking that I was simply going for a drink. As I walked down the narrow road I was amazed by the view. The boats in the harbor was covered by fog and the mountains in the background were lit by the sun as it was a shinin' off of the sea. What a cool thing. The gas station worker is a student at the school. I've seen him around school. He was super kind like most people here. They have nothing but each other here. I kind of like that simple way of life. People rely on each other here. If they have enough food, they simply give the rest to whoever is around who might not. Simple but amazing!


Burkulater said...

Uh oh. He's not comin' back.

K-Dogg said...

that is cool sounding... especially about the giving of food. you should take pictures and email them or post them or something.

have you forgotten that i have not been anywhere outside Michigan?

peggy said...

sounds like a place like no other....I miss seeing you on Sunday. I like your posts about your journey.