Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow's a Fallin'

I went and got me a cell phone. I like the fact that I can communicate with the outside world. It was amazing to see how fast the students got cell phones. I think 50% of the students in middle and high school got cell phones within 2 or 3 days. They love texting everyone. It is interesting to see technology in action. It is a real culture changer here. It was tossed on everyone at the same time and it has had a huge impact on many people's daily lives. Very interesting!

I went to a birthday party. I was fun I suppose. They's some cool people and that's what it is all about here. After that we went to the town bar. I had three funny experiences within 1 hour. First, I was asked to play a game of pool. By time I stood up, some random local had give my turn to someone else. I have no idea who it was. I had no interest in being there, so it didn't make no difference to me. Secondly, a middle aged local woman came up to me and introduced herself. She asked my name so I told her. She couldn't hear me, so I repeated myself. We shook hands and I thought it was strange. She went to movin her arm towards me. I figured she was going to shake my hand again. I hadn't a clue. Then she said, I already shook your hand. She lightly swiped my face and moved on. Weird!! Of course, she had been a drinkin'. Whatever. Good times. Thirdly, a guy local come down the steps and blowed smoke in my face. Totally reminds me of my Christmas parties. Good times. I totally enjoyed the situations and appreciated every bit of it. Just classic stuff. I wouldn't have changed a thing about the night. Totally funny.

Then I didn't want a ride from my friends. I figured it would be better to walk. LOL! Man was I wrong. The wind was a blowin' out of control and the wind had whipped every snowflake into my eyes. It was impossible to keep my eyes open. I could feel the snowflakes hitting me in the eyeballs. No joke. It is supposed to only snow 4 inch tonight and that's max! It looks like it's a gonna snow a foot. Who knows? My face was a hurtin' by time I got in the door. It felt HOT in my house when I got in here. I am still glad that my friend didn't give me a ride home. I enjoyed the experience of walking home. Great night and it was cold and hard, but more fun than you'd ever imagine. Good times keep a rollin' in. I'm lovin' it.

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K-Dogg said...

member when i blowed smoke in you's face? you asked me if i was trying to annoy you. lol.