Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Return to Detroit and Blog World

My blog wadn't working for about 3 weeks.  Luckily, I have a fearless co-worker who fixed it for me.  They's been a plenty going on.  Of course, some is blog-worthy and some ain't.  So much has happened in the last couple weeks that I ain't really able to remember it all.  I'll give you'uns a quick recap of everything. 

Thanksgiving was amazing.  I am not sure if I done posted about this.  I slept a good amount and then I went to eat me some awesome food.  It was so good. I think they's about 10 of us from work who got together.  I eat some oyster dressing which was right good.  Of course, I eat a plenty.  Is there ever a time when I don't?

I went on a snow-go for the first time.  It was amazingly cold, but super fun.  It wadn't a long trip, but it was fun.  I can't wait to buy a winter toy or two next year.  Winter has been so much fun except they days keep a gettin' shorter.  I think they's about 5 hours of light per day now.  Good thing that I ain't depressed.  I've went over a friend's house a few times.  It is fun to feel like I'm at home.  When I ain't gotta search for the plates no more, it sure is a good thing.  LOL!

I went to a singspiration thing at the 7th Day Church in town.  It was right close to empty when I come in and then it filled up a bit.  It was mostly boring except for when this super sweet Yu'pik guy got up there and sung his heart out to the LORD.  He did this super sweet thing where he kind of raised his arms that is a traditional singing style for Yu'piks.  I sit next to my friend's brother who drew mushrooms and atom bombs the whole time too.  We pretty much laughed to our-own-selves the whole time.  Then, they done this lame reading of some Christmas story.  It could have had a meaning, but I'z too busy laughing at other random funny things.

I carved about 5 moose legs too.  We started out getting rid of the nasty crust that had dried on the outside.  After that we separated the sinew and then decided if each of the parts was best for stew meat, ground meat, canning or steaks.  It was so cool.  However, my thumb started to hurtin' after about 4 hours of cutting.  It was fun anyhow.  I then went home with the idea that I was going to go up to the school and correct papers or everwhat I was going to do.  However, I slept a 9:15.

Today, I went to the most oddest Christmas party I ever been to.  I got a call from the owner of my inn saying that the Christmas party was next Saturday.  I said okay not remembering that I was planning on being in Anchorage then.  About 1 hour after I heard somebody a knockin' on my door. It was my friend who said that they was having a party upstairs.  I went up and opened a gift which was cool and then they give me a card.  It was a card with a note inside that said that they was a gonna give me a round trip plane ticket to Anchorage.  I was happier than you could imagine.  Super cool stuff.  So, I'm a gonna fly for free. How cool is that?  Thankfully, I'm comin' home for Christmas in 1 week for 1 week.  I can't hardly contain myself.  

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