Monday, January 4, 2010

So Much

They's so much to say and so many things a driftin' through my mind.  My vacation back home was mostly amazingly sweet.  I got to see almost everyone for at least a short conversation.  I wanted to see everyone so much more.  I wanted to come back here so much more.  I got back and went to bed instead of bringing in the New Year.  Instead, I slept for 13 hours like a baby that hadn't slept in days.  This too was so much, but not too much.  I had flew and was lucky enough to meet some super sweet people.  I even met a little guy named Joshua who almost never cried during our 4 hour flight.  He was right cool and his parents were also pretty interesting.  In fact, we had plenty to talk about for 4 hours and even thought I was tired,  I stayed awake to chat it up.

While there was so much to do while I was in the big D, there ended up being so much sadness at certain points.  Despite the joy of Christmas, there was a cloud of darkness.  This Christmas was the first in all of my life that showed light and darkness mixed together.  Both family and friends give me enough reasons to reflect a bit more deeply about that day long ago.  I run myself crazy while I was there trying to do everything, and a bit was missed.

Now that I'm back in the cold hard town, I've seen a crazy blizzard like none other. I walked to school with drifts of almost 3 feet in places.  I worked all day long and they's so much more that needs done. My mind keeps a thinkin' on what I should have done rather than what I done.  There's so much to do.

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