Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mix and Match

I made another pot of soup unlike all the rest that I've ever made.  I put in a bit of this and a bit of that in the soup.  It rolls the flavor into something like a thickly wound plait.  All the flavors are so close together.  No matter how I mix the soups, they ain't never the same.  I can get right close, but it ain't never exactly what I've done in the past.  I need to get me come moose so I can start to makin' some stews and burger soups. 

Having a day off cuz I was sick was the best curse I could have had.  I done so much.  I was able to lay there and talk on the phone and surf the web.  I even got some grading done.  I hated being at home.  I hate to call off.  I 'member one time when I worked at Timmy's when I called in and told my boss that I was sick.  I come in right after and give him a line about how I felt better.  My stomach was a crampin' unlike no other time.  I want to barf, but I couldn't miss a day of work.  Yesterday, my friend reminded me of that time and we laughed. He reminded me that when I walked in I said, "Don't make me wear a hairnet!"  I didn't even bother to explain why I had called around and then turned around and came into work.

I have had a hard time feeling like I match.  I don't really care one way or the other about clothes. I'm well known for having the same clothes for a decade and not caring.  However, without my orange jacket, I feel like I don't match no more.  The first time I was without it, it seem like I had to somehow find something orange to make myself match in my own way.  I still ain't been able to do it.

I had a very interesting experience in the cold hard town.  The explosive gas alarm went off and I passed that info on to my landlord.  He give me a line that it was cuz I had just took a shower.  I told him that when I press the alarm it says 'gas 210'.  I told him that if he was to look in the manual that it would say exactly what '210' means.  I suspect that it means that they's gas in my room.  If you hear that the Thai Inn blowed up, you'll know the landlord knew.  Something don't match up in this one.