Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I feel so isolated from problems here in the cold hard town.  Don't get me wrong. The problems are a plenty, but I only see them on the surface.  There's a form of bliss that surrounds me here. I know of problems, but I'm so disconnected from them that it don't make no bit of difference to me.  It is a good place to be, and at the same time it is sad.  I need to be involved with the good and bad of the lives of people around here. I am usually among so many people who tend to want to show that they ain't nothin' a goin' wrong in their lives. I bet they lie to their-own-selves.  They's stuff going great in my life, and things that I'd like to change.

This is the first time I've truly been away from 'home' in my life.  Sure, I done been around the world many times, but each of the other times I felt as if I was attached in some way to that other cold hard town. (It's frequently colder in Detroit than here) I am away from 'home', but it is no longer the place that I miss.  I don't miss the roads or the city lights no more.  I miss the people more than ever.  I still don't want to come home.  It bothers me that they's people with really really bad stuff going on, and I am not there.  Do I seek problems? No, I am actually a scared of them.  However, for the time, I am sheltered from serious problems here in the cold hard town.  The people I am around frequently act as if they ain't nothin' wrong going on which makes it much harder to relate to people.

Problems bring growth.  Sure, I've had little problems here that I've growed through and they didn't seem too bad at the time. I just sit here a thinkin' how I'll handle a serious problem surrounded by so many people who either don't share their problems or who pretend that they ain't got none.  So, I spend even more time praying that the serious problems back home with so many people I love work out toward the good that we cannot understand from this side. 


Todd Wright said...

I love your posts. I want to read longer but the white on black is hard to read for very long. I would also like some context for them. I would like to know where they're coming from, such as some bio info.

Todd Wright said...

I get it. I'm from there too. Or nearby. So I recognized the voice. I would say that I know exactly where you're from. I would still like to know more about who you are and what you are doing. So feel free to email me at my listed email. There should also be one listed with this comment. Thanks again! Great writing! I really enjoy it!