Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Store Crap

I've had a stupid experience with I suppose that since it says in fine print that I can't complain until the 22nd of May about the order that I placed 2 weeks ago, I should not write this. But.... why does it take so long to get a stupid book. Besides, I was dumb and give them 10ish dollars for the same book that others in my small group paid $5 for. Arrr. I wonder if I'll get this book in time to use it at all for the small group. It is quite the awesome small group. It ain't really small with 20ish people that's been coming. Anyway, it is sweet.

My crazy mom has decided that she needs a shed to store her crap. Why does she need this thing? It allows her to accumulate more stuff that she don't need. She has decided to call people to lay the foundation or everwhat needs to be done to get one. Storing stuff is useless unless you use it. (funny sentence)

I also want to go to buy my stuff for Alaska. I want super sweet balled out cold weather gear. I guess that they approved my contract, so that rocks. Perhaps, I'm gonna get me a snowsuit unlike all others and take me out a walkin just to find out that my snowsuit ain't what I thought it was. I will die from the cold when I walk outside of the nights all alone. No, a pack of wolfs might surround me and eat me. I heard from Zombie that a walrus might stick its tusk into my head and kill me. Who knows what might happen. It will indeed be sweet.


K-Dogg said...

i'm having the same problem with i ordered a text book 16 days ago and the site is saying that i can't complain about lateness until the 26th. WTH! i have never waited this long for a product to ship when i've purchased online. by the time i get the book my class will be more than half over. i could have walked from here to california in the time that this is taking! craziness!

hillary said...

Ray-you are not going to find a snowsuit in Michigan in the almost summer.

Just sayin'.