Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays... NOT!!

I ate at Big Boy's today with my mom. Yes, I ate and it was good. While we were there she told me that it was cool how they had all of the windas painted up for Christmas. We ate fast and then we got our bill. On the back, the waitress had wrote "HAPPY HOLIDAYS". My mom asked what it said and I told her. She felt the need to march up to the cashier and proceed to tell her that "They ain't nothin' happy 'bout the season without Christ" and "If you gonna have workers wear Santa hats and have a Christmas tree you oughta not write offensive stuff on the back of the checks"!! The lady just looked at her like she was nuts. So, the saga of Big Boy's continues this week. It really is the life and times of a professor. LOL!

In other news...., I bought stuff for Christmas even though I didn't want to spend money on people who don't need stuff. I seen some stuff at the store that was cool for certain funny little 'ns, so I had to buy it. Yeah, they don't need it, but they will be funny when they open their gifts. There's a part of me that feels guilty for buying pointless gifts for people, but at the same time I want to buy them stuff. My mom also insisted on buying me a new jacket. So now, I have two coats and two jackets. I tried to explain to her that I don't need more than one and she then told me that she might die soon, and she wants to buy me stuff. The ironic thing is that I'll end up paying for it anyways. When the bills come and she can't pay them, I'll pay for it. So, not only did I buy other people stuff that they don't need, I bought myself stuff indirectly. Arrrr.

In passing I heard that my former youth pastor had someone I know make a anti-Santa video to play for adults at his church. I guess he wants to convince his 'followers' that Santa ain't there. What the heck? There are so many other worthy things to talk about during this season at church other than Santa! One of my friends told me that Santa reminds her of Jesus because he gives stuff to people who don't deserve it..... just because they asked. I thought that it was awesome. So, if you wanna waste time at church learning about Santa, go to the unnamed church. That's time that they could be talking about Jesus that is gone.

In other news... the only one of my aunts that I was close with is dying. I guess my brother-in-law went to see her. He asked about her and he was told that he wasn't on the "list", so he went to my dad's house to b**ch him out. They ain't no shame or guilt here. I've spent my share of time with her and done my part. It's too bad that people have to be so odd at the worst times in people's lives.


K-Dogg said...

Professor, what does b**ch stand for?

Love the Big Boy story!

Happy holidays!

Burkulater said...

There are multiple funny things about this blog. Tell your mere she is awesome.

Laura said...

can we please go to Big Boy with you sometime?

Zombie said...

Good one Ray.

High on the Hog said...

Sure Laura, I go once a week. Your kids can color and my mom will say and do funny stuff. LOL