Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Boy Has Good Eats

Well, some think that Big Boy is honky/white-trash, but I think it is very good. I have to remind some of you that I only eat spaghetti there. I love it. I had a wonderful trashy experience there tonight. I had a couple of plates of the tasty spaghetti while my friend had some veggie soup. I was so hungry that I was hardly able to wait for my plate to come. My friend was a bit upset that I did not want to go to a bar so he snuck him in two beers. He then drunk a glass of water and asked for another glass of water. The waitress brought him his new glass and he proceeded to pour him a beer. He wrapped a napkin around the cup. He hid the glass behind the huge menu with a hot-fudge ice cream cake picture on it. It was pretty funny. The crazy thing is that I was hardly uncomfortable with the situation at all. They never knew. Ahhh. He made mention that he'd never think that a hillybilly would do such a thing, but he proudly said that he's trashy and he don't give a f***. Ahh. Funny times!


Burkulater said...

do they have turnips?

K-Dogg said...

sumtin tell me they seen that there trick a hunderd times.

K-Dogg said...

just another day in the life of the "Professor".