Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hillbillies on the History Channel

So, I went over my friend's house to watch a show on the History channel. It was two hours long. There were about 5 parts to it. I have to say that it bothered me more than I can say. It was called, "The True Story"! Man... was it a lie. First of all, there was a huge focus on the history which was ok. The next 3 parts were about moonshiners, snake churches and Nascar. I have no idea what the heck these people were thinking. Talk about a bunch of stupid stuff and a good way to promote the general thinking in America that hillbillies are a bunch of stupid idiots. I suppose the part that made me the most mad was when they subtitled people talking like it was some sort of foreign language. I want to write to them and let them know that it was terrible to focus so much on such meaningless stuff. Yeah... some people drink moonshine and even fewer have been to a snakehandling church. They left out so many cool things. Very little was said about music, dance, handcrafting or 100s of other cool things. So, be sure not to believe the History channel about anything. They tell us that Jesus never lived and that hillbillies are just crazy backwoods people. Trust me, the thousands of people who came from Ireland, Scotland and Germany who ran away from the English and the American government have much more in their culture than those few meaningless things.


Burkulater said...

handcrafting? hmmmm....

K-Dogg said...

so funny! lol

they should have had a segment on inbreeding at least.

sorry, i couldn't resist.

go hillbillies!