Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Cold Hard Facts of Life

So.., many of my friends have asked me to do this blog. I do have a lot of really funny stuff to share. Well, at least I think so. I hope you enjoy my music too.  I've chosen music that reminds me of either my family or myself in some way.  The title of my blog is "The Cold Hard Facts of Life". I hope to be able to share whatever is going on in my life. I started reading some of my friends' blogs and I must say that some of them make me really laugh. I also enjoyed having read some of the comments. So..., leave funny/interesting comments on my page too.  Just so you know, I may not post every day. I will post stuff as much as possible and/or as much as there are interesting things to post. Enjoy!


Burkulater said...

I'm 'bout ready ta start a rollin'.

High on the Hog said...


Laura said...

let's get this party started