Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So my Aunt Linda died. I found out about it when I rolled over in the morning and looked at my cell. My sister decided that it was wise to let me know about it that way. I expected it, but I was still a bit shocked. I guess there is no real way to be ready to not have an important person with you. I was unable to fall back asleep after about 1 hour. I just kept telling myself that it was out of my control. Why did my sister feel the need to text me? Odd! After spending the day doing whatever, I thought that it was a good idea to tell my mom's brothers and sisters since they have known her for 30+ years. My mom told her brother and he was weird and hung up on her. Why? What is wrong with people? Not to mention that my dad didn't tell me that his sister died. Why? I have no idea what is wrong with people. The positive in all of this is that my aunt was in a terrible condition after having broke her back after a fall. She was in pain and couldn't do anything. She just laid there for 60 days. I done my part in her life.


Laura said...

I'm really sorry about your aunt. I don't think that death is text appropriate either.

Burkulater said...

Sorry Ray! We'll miss her.

Burkulater said...

On a side note, maybe you should stay armed with aerosol deodorant in case you run in to him.