Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Blues

I get so excited about Christmas that after it is over I always feel a bit of of blues. Everything is so busy and exciting before Christmas and then everything ends abruptly. Done! I don't care at all about New Year's Day. Don't care!! Not sure why people care so much. It does nothing for me. As I've said, I've not been nearly as busy as I once was. They even cut my hours at the donut shop. I called the boss and she explained that she had to cut hours and that she couldn't justify cutting other people's hours since it is their only source of income. What? I've been a workin' there for 10ish years. Whatever! I ain't gonna starve. I know that. I just get worried how I'm going to pay my dumb student loan off. It kills me to pay it. It's so annoying when you have to pay so much money to learn something and then 10 years after, you still gotta pay that plus interest. It sucks.


Laura said...

I know the feeling.

K-Dogg said...

student loans blow! i wish i was smart and paid for school as i went.

Burkulater said...

You should get a couple more jobs and pay off mine too.