Friday, December 12, 2008

Why do I work so much?

I have to admit that I try and work a lot. I am a very driven person. I feel that I have to do well at everything, or I am simply not too happy with myself. When I was in school, (for 10 years) I had to get an "A" in every class. When I missed even one point, I'd start to thinking that I hadn't studied enough. Oh wait, I hardly ever studied cuz I was working all of the time to pay all of the bills while earning less than $9 an hour. It does not make sense that I can now have five jobs and not go crazy. How do I not forget where I am supposed to be driving when I wake up in the morning? I can just imagine getting to HFCC in my donut suit. LOL! Sometimes/most of the time, it annoys me that I do not have one good job. I forget that I have 4 teaching jobs and one donut one. I am making enough money to do well except for the fact that I borrowed so much money in order to study in the first place. I've decided that since my teaching jobs are over for several weeks that I will force myself to only work two days a week at the donut palace. I will not allow myself to waste my life working and not doing the things that I want to do. But.... at the same time, I do want to work. So, I'll spend time thinking about turnips, hard candy, reading, running and laughing rather than donuts and aliens.


Burkulater said...

tractor full of turnips

Laura said...

I would totally show up to teach college in a doughnut suite. Hilarious!