Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is AWESOME!!!

It ain't even Christmas yet and I've had an awesome one. I woke up and took my mom to see her heart doctor. He told her that everything is going well, but she should check back in if her arms and legs keeps a hurtin'. I tried to tell her that she's stressed. We went to a very cool X-mas breakfast with a ton of people from church. More people should do this sort of thing. It was good stuff. I never knew that I like turkey bacon. I knew that I don't like hog back bacon. It is nasty. After that we went to a friend's house where we had Christmas for a couple people who go to my church. I guess their mom is in bad shape, so a bunch of us went in on getting them some gifts. They've never had such a thing, so it was cool to see the 9 year old open his stuff. He wanted so bad to keep the really big pants that he got. He kept telling us that they fit. He was just so happy to get new stuff. It was awesome. Again, another thing that more people should do. In fact, I think that people should do all of the stuff I did today more. After that I went on a mission to get my uncle some 'backer. We went to a 'backer shop that didn't have any chew. I know that my uncle gets really excited when we give him chew. However, he had to settle for another kind. We took him his stuff and also gave my aunt her gift. I promise that they were as excited as the kids. She run off to put on her sweater and kept it on the whole time. It is awesome when people get excited about gifts. Most of us have so much stuff that we are just like... oh... another thing to pile in the junk room. I look forward to seeing what other awesome things will happen tonight and on Christmas day.


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Burkulater said...

yay for 'backer. skoll is it?

we should definitely all try to be more like you.

We'd do a lot more phoning.

Laura said...

Christmas is awesome!