Monday, December 22, 2008


I took my mom to the hospital today to get her heart opened up. I drove to Harper Hospital at 1:30 pm. My mom was supposed to check in at 3, but they took her early. They gave her a room and then called her down to get her ready. After 6 1/2 hours, they took her in and did whatever they ended up doing. I guess they opened a part of her heart that was 99% blocked. How in the heck did she not have a heart attack? I have no idea. Blocked is blocked. Try and walk through a doorway that is 99% blocked. You will ram your head into the wall. So, she's there until noon. I'll be back in 12 hours to bring her home.

I made a lot of observations while I was at the hospital. All I had to do is watch what everyone was doing. If you ever get bored, you should stop by a hospital and stick around. I'll just let you know about two little things that I noticed. First, there was this guy next to us who couldn't speak a word of English. His son was there and had to translate for him. The poor old guy was so tall and skinny. I guess his son was woke up at 2am and he spent half of the day finding his dad at various regional hospitals. You might ask, how do I know this. Well, we were in the same prep. room for 6 hours. I didn't say anything to anyone other than my mom and her friend. After my mom came out of her procedure, I headed back to see her. I stepped out in the hall for a second and read a poster. For some reason the son of the guy came and stood next to me and read the poster next to the one I was reading. It was sort of weird, so I felt that I had to say something. I just said, "How are you?" That's it! We both went back into the room to be with our family members. Within 10 minutes, the son of that old guy was talking to my mom's friend NON-STOP!! I was there too, so I joined in the conversation. So, what's the point of this? People are generally desperate to talk to anyone who will listen when they are going through bad times.

The second thing is that random people are always watching. I was super hungry. My mom's friend brought me a Subway sandwich. I took it to the waiting room and ate it. I started out by eating half. I tried to only eat half. After 3 more minutes, I ate the rest of the sandwich. About one hour after that, I went to Wendy's at the hospital to pass some time. I got a mini-frosty and a pop. Some random guy said, "Slow down man, you can't be eating again. I saw you eat that sub in the waiting room." LOL!!


Burkulater said...

I hope everything is going well! Let us know!

Dr. Man said...

I hope all is well with your mother. 99% bloacked is insane!

Great anaology though...about walking through a doorway that is 99% blocked. You wonder how she survived without a heart attack.