Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

I have to say that last night was a very calm and peaceful experience. I still can't believe that I wasn't really sad. I started to feel guilty for it, but then I realized that there's no reason to be upset that I'm content with the fact that she's no longer in pain. After all, it would be the opposite of faith to deny it. I made the difficult decision to not attend my aunt's funeral service this morning. I spent many many hours/days/months with her. I can remember her being so exicited about snow. She took her out walkin to the store and listened to her feet crunch under the snow every chance she had. The corner store was the perfect distance for her to get out and be away from my grandparents. I know that there's a huge storm that's gonna blow through tonight. I know that she would be so excited to have a big snow storm. I guess I am too. There's nothing like a good weather event. So anyway..., I felt no need to attend the funeral. I made the difficult countercultural decision, but that's what I felt was best.


Burkulater said...

I just cried a little. So sad, but happy too in a way.

K-Dogg said...

are there any hurricanes a bruin?

K-Dogg said...

i wish i had the great memories with my grandparents that you have with so many of your extended family. you were blessed to have her, and she was blessed to be going home.