Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There is so much to say today. First, there's a lot of heart around. I'm not too sure it is love, but there is really a bit more heart going around during Christmas. Some claim that it is the holidays that brings the cheer. What drives people to be so giving during this time of the year? I don't think that it is Kwanza. I have never met a single person who's admitted to celebrating it. I hear they give gifts, but since not too many people "celebrate" it, not too much giving is going on. Then there is the Muslim holiday Eid. I'm not too sure how to spell it. Sure, some families give gifts to each other, but I've never heard of giving random gifts to needy people. I'm sure that it happens, but it certainly isn't a theme of that particular holiday. However, Christmas is about the birth of a single person who gave nothing material to any of us. In fact, people give stuff to him. Now, we all give stuff to each other. What? This is odd. There obviously is much more to it. I think that more people need to recognize that the whole reason we give gifts is becuase of what Jesus has done in us and through us by the work that he accomplished. I've seen so much giving to people who really need it this year. Perhaps it's becuase the less we have, the more we see what we really need to do or not do.

One of the students for the youth ministry that I help out at is going through hard times. His mom is not going to recover from the strokes and heart attacks that she's had. My mom just had her heart fixed. We all have some sort of heart problem. My problem is that I worry too much about the physical health of my heart. What's your take on all of this?


K-Dogg said...

your prejudiced!

Burkulater said...

You should go to Starbucks and contemplate.

Giving is better than receiving, to be sure.

High on the Hog said...

K-dogg... Your grammar is bad! LOL. You must be from the ghetto with grammar like that. LOL