Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Cookies & One Continent

I have a book called "Two Continents & One Culture" sent to me through inter-library loan. It's about the Scots-Irish in Appalachia. So as you might already know.., it is exactly the lame stuff I like to read. Well anyway.. I have not had the chance to thumb through it too much except to look at the cool pictures inside of log-cabin churches in the mountains. Well, you might be thinking about how this has anything to do with cookies. I was at Taco Bell with a bunch of friends who reminded me of my Christmas party three years ago. I had prepared some sugar cookies with my mom. You have to understand that these cookies are the one thing that most reminds me of Christmas food. They are so crisp and they crunch in your mouth. Man.. they are awesome. I suggested that some of my friends try the cookies and they each tried and laughed. They said that there was no sugar in the sugar cookies. I was unable to accept that they did not taste wonderful. After much bothering from my friends I've grown to laugh at the fact that I enjoy such a sugarless sugar cookie. Have you ever heard of a biscuit? Well, that is what they call cookies in the British Isles. Somehow, my family has preserved the tradition of those ole' so special cookies. Perhaps this year, I'll muster enough energy to bake these awesome cookies again. I would never want this awesome tradition to die even though my friends hate my favorite treat!


Laura said...

Can't you just add some sugar. I'm sure they'd be great. You can borrow some next time you are over.

Burkulater said...

Speaking of Taco Bell, one time when I went through the drive thru with "The Cold Hard Facts of Life," the drive-thru attendant had to ask him to turn off his car because the muffler was so loud they could not hear our order.

"The Cold Hard Facts of Life" is now laughing uncontrollably out loud.

Also, my sugar cookies rock. I do love biscuits, though.

Burkulater said...

Oh, I mean "High on the Hog" in place of "The Cold Hard Facts of Life" in the previous comments.

Can you give us a little history lesson on that?

K-Dogg said...

i'm almost sure they would taste great if you added some sugar.