Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Joy

Well, I woke up at 10ish and decided to take a shower and take me back to bed. I slept til' 2. I didn't want to do anything other than sleep. This is good, because I had to have a lot of energy to do all that was in line for me to do. I drove to my mom's friend's house where I chatted with a cousin in Cyprus. I know his dad, but I've never met him. As I was chatting on Facebook with him, I started to feelin' real hungry. Man! I made me a plate and sit down and scarfed down a huge plate of really really good food. You have to understand how good this food was. It was better than the Thanksgiving food that I had at the American Legion. Someone made mention of how much turkey I ate then, but I tried to eat at least as much today. After the awesome meal, I played a game called "Apples to Apples". You get a category card and the others have to choose from one of their 7 cards which one most closely matches the category card. You have to undertand that I was playing with two people who couldn't read that well at all and an old blind woman. I can't express how funny it was. I laughed my ass off many a time! After all of that I happened in at a friend's house for a quick "Merry Christmas" and then dropped my mom off. I then decided that I must write all of this down before I forget how funny it was, so I drove to Tom's house to write this blog. Let's not forget that yesterday was also filled with joy!! I visited my great-aunt and great-uncle. They were very awesome. I'm always worried that they might not be here next Christmas. I recorded a little video of each of them. If I can figure it out, I'll post it on here so everyone can see how awesome they are. My crazy mom was also very funny.

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