Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spanish and Stuff

I went to my first Spanish class today since high school. Man, it was a lot easier. I am not sure why. Maybe I have a better grasp of French or I can sit in my chair for longer than 20 mins. now. In any case, my teacher is pretty cool and I like that sort of stuff. I have no goal, but it is fun to do. I found the book online for $30 instead of $160, so that's cool. WC3 is paying for me to learn what I wanna learn, so that is also cool.

I am running in a few directions at the same time and I feel like nothing is being done well or correctly. I have to be at work with an idea of what to do at 8:30. I managed to go to work, sign up for a class, go to the class in Belleville, stop by at Timmy Ho-Ho's, go to K-Mart and go to a friend's house to order the book online. I ain't stopped all day. I have to work in the morning and then somehow deliver a stove to my house and then sort clothes and hit the gym. Arrrr. That's my crazy day to look forward to.

I have no idea why I find it important to go to school at this point. I am plenty busy while teaching. Free sounds good, but headaches don't. Will I ever speak Spanish? Time will tell on this'n.


KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

Well I say, More power to you!
If you can strap another language under the belt, this can only be to ones advantage.

Language oddly enough does seem a bit easier at this point in life for me too, than ever when I was a HS Student.

I could sit well enough and focus but still it is amazing anything was learnt at all, being a teenager and hormones flying everywhere.

I never had a doubt about your Citizenry, A life friend of mine she also teaches ESL, and I think it is great you are able to apply different English dialects.

For me growing up in the Chicagoland area, one grows up learning, reading, and speaking Midwest Newscasters English, but gets infused with certain Southerner tonal shifts, and Wisconsin-onian/ite? lingo. And also elements of Italian, Polish, German and in later years Spanish.

So even if one doesn't pick up a foreign language , one still catches the dialectal tone and picks up common use words or terms.

Makes for an interesting day somedays.

And it is true what is said about Illinois, anything South of I-80 is considered Southern Illinois, ('course with the extension of I-355 to I-80 that may change), and you can even hear the shift in the English dialect. Of course let me not forget the Irish tonal influence over the Southside of Chi-Town, which denotes the classic Chicago speech sound, (though I will admit Irish is only a part of it).

Burkulater said...

en espanol por favor!

Laura said...

Spanish is fun. No you can help us at the VBS this summer.

K-Dogg said...

los cucaraches entren paro no poiden salir!

donde el gato?

donde el caso?

muy bien!

TataForNow said...

Bienvenido al mundo en ESPANOL!