Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am angry. Please bear with me on this one. I try to write what is going on in my life, so from time to time...., I must share what is going on in my head. There are three things that have went down in the last week that have set me off. Well, there are a few other things, but I'll just brief you on the three most annoying.

The first one is one of my students is from a certain place. He is awesome. He would like to learn English and do something awesome with his life. However, he is in an interesting environment. He is not allowed to say what he'd like to say about hisself. Therefore, he makes up stuff in my class to hide from the dominant culture. The crazy thing is that he is technically part of their race/culture, but he has another dominant language. This alone gives this student the feeling that he has to hide his true identity. This does not sound like a good classroom setting. I've decided to take the time to introduce him to as many school activities and ways to get to know some people that he can be real with. Overall, it is a sad thing.

Next, the senate is currently (as in right now) voting to allow ILLEGAL children to recieve immediate health care. They are no longer going to have to wait 5 years to recieve this care. Wait, they are ILLEGAL!!! Hello....!!! This country has no money. We can barely pay the interest on the loans to China. Why do I have to pay for these children? We are bankrupt. We are bankrupt. Do I have to say it again??? This makes me very very very very very angry!!!! I am not able to accept our dumb government. They are running us into the ground and then some. I will not accept them.

Thirdly, I asked my students to move the desks into a U shape so we could speak French easier. Nope, as a huge student leaned back in his chair, he informed me that he is unable to move any desks or chairs and that it is my job to do that. Okay, get this straight.... they'z 20 people in class who refused to follow the orderly and normal request of a staff member and nothing could be done. Welcome to my world! I told the secretary and she said that she was sorry, but she done nothing. My Spanish class just had the same situation and the students simply done what they was supposed to do. Same college too! Go figure. Just so you know, at the end of the class I was "fitten to go".


Burkulater said...

that's what you call "high class"

Zombie said...

I wonder how that kid thinks his grade is going to reflect his attitude?

On an argumentative but laughing note... I am glad the "Illegals" are getting the health care. I would have a problem with the adults because they have the choice to do things right. The kids don't.
Agree to disagree?

thagaman said...

The students just didn't want you being so discriminating towards the other letter shapes. What's wrong with an "S" shape or a "V" shape.

K-Dogg said...

sounds like my seventh grade home ec class.

hillary said...

Children should always have health care.

I'm with Adam on this one... fist pound?

High on the Hog said...

Children should have health care, but it should be the church who provides and not the government.