Saturday, January 24, 2009

Uncertain Future

I went to my friend's house after working at Tim Horton's. I had to be back 8 hours after I left, so I felt as if I had to have some fun. While I was there we talked about money. He is an accountant, so he follows such things. We have a good time laughing about certain news stories. In fact, he's the one who introduced me to the drudgereport. We actually talked of a few things that was pretty interesting.

I guess England is now unable to pay the interest toward their debt. They can't print money like we have been doing cuz their money will devalue really fast. The other thing that I heard about is how some dumb bank asked for 35 billion dollars to get them out of immediate trouble. They done give these idiots 80ish billion or something like that!! I was informed that someone at the bank spent $30,000 on a dresser. What is wrong with these people? Why would we pay for such things? I have a very uncertain feeling about the future of this country. I must say that it is perhaps the first time when I have felt a bit unhappy with my country. Unlike Obamer's wife, I have always been proud and will remain so. However, the greed is so crazy.

Despite all of this stuff that is going to soon hit the fan as the Burkemachine says, I find that my life seems pretty much the same with very little money or lots. I had tons of money in Korea compared to the average Joe. I made 3,ooo,000 won a month while most people was lucky to get 3,000 won an hour. I felt no different then than I do now. I used to bother me that they looked at me as if I was some super rich person. Rich people and banks needs to realize that their money is only worth the worth that they assign to it. I hope that I will learn to work my hardest for the right reasons without a huge focus on money.

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