Sunday, January 18, 2009


It was cool yesterday when WC3 sent me home one hour early because of the mini-snowstorm. I drove home in about 30 minutes from Belleville, so it couldn't be that bad. As I was driving home, I got to thinkin' about how I'd shovel before I went to bed after going to a friend's house. I don't mind doing it. I really like it after 11pm for some reason. It is calm yet bright cuz of the street lights a shinin' off of the snow. I love it. So, as I was returning home from my friends I sorta got excited. I was looking forward to it for some reason. I pulled into the driveway and didn't see it leaning beside of the house. Nope, some idiot had come and drug it off. Who would steal a shovel from a woman who has heart problems? I was thinking that it could have been a prank or that someone somehow found fun it. However, a friend reminded me that it is not common for people to do such a thing. I just hope that whoever stoled it had a good time with it. LOL!!

I am also about to possibly shovel a heap of work upon my head by signing up for as many classes as WC3 will pay for. I am not sure if it is past time to sign up or not, but since I just decided to pursue a free degree in International business..... I'll soon find out. I work there on T and TH, so I should take advantage of whatever they have to offer.


Laura said...

:( sorry someone stole your shovel.

I don't know how you do it. The thought of going to school again is awful.

thagaman said...

I like your song. (Adam and Quick just don't like country\gospel\hick)

Zombie said...

Train your brain with WC3