Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Random Visit

I worked til 10 at Timmy's and I had to be back there at 6am. I had 8 hours to eat, rest and drive back. I decided that after working 8 hours, I had to have a bit of a good time. I called my friend Jeff to see what he was doing. I hardly see him, but every single time that we hang out, I laugh out of control. So, I drove over there and these are the interesting things that happened.

1. I walked into the kitchen where Jeff was standing there next to the stove. The lid to the boiling pot was covered and he had some grabber things in his hands. His other friend Thomas from the Czech Republic had also happened in, so there was the 3 of us. He decided to show me what he was cooking becuase he joked that I was probably hungry and wondering what it was. He lifted the lid and pulled out a coyote skull from the pot. You could see the fangs and the eyes were stickin' out. He told me that he wasn't aimin' to eat it, but he had to 'boil off' the meat to get to the skull. I recorded some of it on my phone. Crazy stuff and very nasty.

2. My friend lives in a very very big house in Dearborn near the Ford homes. I had never realized how big the house was until he showed me some stuff in his basement. We went down and looked around at some of the new things that he was doing. His friend was also down there and after about 10 minutes, Jeff reached into a freezer and pulled out a ring-necked pheasant wrapped everywhere but the head and tail. It was solidly froze with bright feathers. The whole time I was thinkin' that I somehow meet the most interesting out there people. It was also very funny.

3. There was many other funny things, but I can't recall them at this time. I do remember my friend pulling out some super strong drink and mixing it with simple syrup. He did a bunch of other crazy things too, but hey..., that's how he rolls. His foreign friend kept a laughin' and giving me this "holy crap" look.

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