Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Work

I will be going back to HFCC on Monday. Who knows what this semester will bring? Last semester brung annoying events with cell phones a ringin' off the hook in class and interesting meetings with the director. I couldn't get the students to stop smashing food into the carpet, writing on the desks, speaking in Arabic or various other rude/crazy things. Remember these are adults. Not all of them were a problem, but I felt sorry for the cool one who only wanted to learn. I just prayed every day for God to work through me because I knew I was unable to control them. Let's see if this upcoming semester will be as awesome as some of the others. It is either hit or miss with that place.

I get to go to a conference to hear about some random stuff for WC3 on Saturday. Therefore, I will be there rather than at the donut shop. I'll get paid a lot more, so that's cool. I also have no idea what to expect from the ghetto semester either. I had a few crazy experiences there too, but I must say that they were a bit more predictable than at HFCC.

I have to update all kinds of forms, tests and random other paper type stuff. I am not good and doing these easy things that simply take time. I just put them off cuz they get on my nerves. It is the easiest of my work, but the least interesting.

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