Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Random Call

I got a random call from Texas. I was hoping it was George Bush. I have a few things to tell him. I would love to tell him that I am glad that he was my president. I would like to hang out with him. I know that he has problems. I know that he struggles with life. I know that he supports life. I know that he has a genuine faith in the same person as I do. I also don't know a ton about him. Therefore, I'd like to get another call from Texas. However, it was a random non-English speaker who said very little except...., "I'm sorry". Can't people in my country learn my language? I know that my students try very hard to learn English. I know French and now I'm learning Spanish and neither one of them should be an option on the phone when I call a company. I learn all of this stuff out of chance that I'll meet someone cool who I can chat with. Maybe, George will learn better Spanglish now that he's back in Texas.

I love calling people randomly. I know that it annoys people pretty bad sometimes. Lots of time I don't have much to say. I know some people hate the phone while others simply don't use it. Life happens so fast. I want to share it with my friends and family. Funny stuff happens and I feel compelled to share it right then and there.

Lastly, I do not enjoy "calling out" people. I would rather just approach the person and then hope that they can laugh about whatever problem is happening. I hate confrontation. This is why I do not want a call from DC. I know that I'd have to have a long annoying talk with someone about "rights" and how I ain't right.

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Laura said...

I'd like to meet GB too