Monday, January 19, 2009

Interesting Everyday Stuff

I was off today for the 'holiday', so I slept in. I got up with plans to get a ton accomplished. I wanted to get a haircut, buy stuff, visit fun people, go to the gym and various other normal things. Despite all of my plans, not much worked out. I overslept. That wadn't that bad, since I love sleeping. I had to drive clear to Melvindale to pick my phone up that I had left over my mom's friend's house. It is almost 6 and I have not done but one of these things.

I stopped by to see my great-aunt and great-uncle. I brought them some coffee and some random things as gifts. They have grown to expect gifts. It is easily one of the most calm places on the planet to visit. Sure there are little kids a runnin around and a bit of annoying stuff, but they are simply awesome. It sucks that my grandparents are all dead, but they are as close as it gets for me now. Lots of funny stuff was said by all of us. We just sit there and laughed our asses off.

It bothers me so bad that people have placed their faith in Obamer. He is only one person and he has yet to prove any of his claims. Let's at least wait and see what he can do, if anything. What irks me more is that he is not "African American" any more than he is "white". Sure, he looks more "African American" than white. My great-uncle looks more "white" than Cherokee, but he is indeed both equally just like 'bomber'. I am so sick of hearing how he is going to save us from our greedy American way. Americans have spent and borrowed theirselves into this mess and I promise you that he ain't a gonna bring us out.

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KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

Yes I hope my French was accurate, it is not one I ever studied, though my sister took it and a good friend of mine speaks a bit of it.

But I had such a wonderful chatting experience from the French girl I described that I of course was obliged to at least title it in French. (I know some German and am studying Japanese currently)

Yes today was a lazy'ing around day, I got absolutely nothing accomplished that I was at least thinking about. As well, your English is not that bad and I caught the ESL and such.

I tend to agree about Obama, it is that I never liked his politics, being from Illinois and seeing and or experiencing the so called 'brilliance' of his work. I do fear that he will extend that same Socialistic agenda that he splayed Illinois with to the whole country, and with debilitating effects. Now that isn't to say that I don't realize all the existing problems that are not Obama's fault in our country however if his history proves to be consistent, he will help along those existing problems to become much greater than they are.

Though, since he is to be President, I will as it is my American duty, support him as 'President' and hope that every American will watchdog him like is our Right and not let things go like with the previous outgoing President.

Of course even that worries me to... but I'll leave that for another day.

Spending time with Family is great, especially those you like the most. I do have family up around the Stevens Point, St. Joe's area, but haven't been to that area since I was a kid. though I recently reconnected with a cousin of mine from there, I plan on getting out there to visit.. maybe in the spring...