Monday, January 5, 2009

Mo Problems & Mo Fun

Yeah, I took my mom to see her heart doctor again. I guess her arms and legs still hurts pretty bad. She drank some radioactive juice and they took some images of her heart. It is crazy that they can look around inside. The doctor said that she either has another blockage or her first procedure didn't work well. There is a possiblity that she has anxiety. I know someone who thought that he was having a heart attack cuz of that. Who knows?

So, I'm on vacation now and I have been for about a month. Enough is enough. I feel more than lazy. Despite all of this, I've been busy the whole time. I rarely pass a moment without something interesting or fun going on. I remember when I was a young'n I used to sit at my grandparent's house and complain about being bored. Sometimes, I wish that I could travel back to them days. Sometimes nothing is better than a lot and the opposite.

Going to the gym has been pretty funny. I decided to throw a ball over top my friend's head which caused him to take a spill off of the ball. He found hisself beside of the funny but huge ball. I was unable to not laugh as I tried my best to catch him as he fell from the ball. Funny stuff.

I visited a local soup kitchen in Lincoln Park a couple times. They get the most random food donated. It seems that people donate the crap that they don't want rather than provide hungry people with reasonable stuff. I decided that I'm going to put a bin at church and see if people will donate food. There are a lot of really hungry people wandering the streets of Lincoln Park. You woulnd't think it, but there are.

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Burkulater said...

mo money = mo problems
mo problems = mo fun
by associative property,
mo money = mo fun