Friday, January 9, 2009

One Hour Drive

So, I took a one hour drive yesterday to see my mom's friends family. I enjoy going there. We don't do a whole lot there but play cards, talk and eat. So, of course.. that's what I like. I am not too into cards, but the people we play with are very funny about it. So we had a really good time. The food was amazing.

It was really funny/annoying driving up there with my mom. You have to understand that she has some sort of irrational fear of freeways. I was only 99% sure of the path which caused her to have some more fears. Thirdly, it started to rain as we were getting off of the freeway to drive down the "country roads". My mom was sitting next to me a screamin' and actin' like a complete wack job. She said, "Watch out! We're a gonna fall down into the cliff." First of all, how do you fall "down into a cliff"? I admit that the roads were snow covered, but I was driving 25 in a 55 zone. Ain't sure why she lost her mind. Everyone laughed at her when I told the stories of her acting like a crazy.

Everyone should drive an hour away from this horrible suburb-ish area we live in. It is annoying. It is worth it. Just don't take my mom. She'll drive you crazy. Just have her teleported there, so you can laugh.


Laura said...

I have to drive that to see my immediate family. It's usually worth it too!

The Red One said...

Your mom is crazy, just like you!
Now I have found your blog because of you advertisement!

The Red One said...

I have found your blog due to the incessant advertisements of yours.

Glad you had a fun drive with your mom :)