Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh God!!!!

So, I must admit that I am taking part in a bit of doom and gloom while also being fairly positive. I never used to think that was possible. Now I can at least try and look at what good might come out of a bad situation. However, I do not see too many postitive economic things going on. Despite this, there are many postiives that are hidden within these troubles. It has been bothering me that the mission in Lincoln Park isn't handing out 3 day food baskets cuz they ain't got enough food. What the heck? Are there that many people who are hungry? I really love to eat... that's all I know!! I suppose that these times may be bad for some, but it is a good time for those of us who have stuff to supply people with food who need it. It makes me think of my mom when she used to seemingly feed half of our block in the summer. Not sure how it happened since she had 0 income, but it still did. Fish and loaves?

I hit up my favorite news website "" and noticed that Isreal is still fighting with Hamas. Not only are they fighting, but it is in esclation. It will not end anytime soon. Hamas will never never give up. Some moon god has told them to protect their land, so they will. I suspect that these two situations are linked, but I can't put my finger on it. I know this puts me in "crazy land", but I assure that they are in that territory.

I am not in a soup line and I have five jobs. I am doing better than many/most. I guess I'll have to check back to drudgereport to see if there are fewer jobs next week. I know Obamer will propose how he can save economy and maybe even the world. We already know that he is "The One" by his own admission.

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KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

I wrote many things a few times about this post, but in the end, I'll just say that it does put one into "crazy land" as you put it.

And this Moon God... now there is an interesting story.

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