Monday, October 24, 2011

Crazy Culcom and Cats

I ain't really wrote about Culcom.  It is a language exchange business that I like to visit once a week.  I used to go two times a week when I first got here.  Many of my foreign friends go there too, so it is a good chance to get out of the bubble of Korean life.  Koreans pay money to be our friends which ain't cool, but they are cool.  It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to pay money to have foreigners (English speakers) be in a kind of study group with them.  We don't really study.  It is more like a guided conversation about a topic.

I went the first time and they give me a language exchange partner.  Her name is Li-ra.  She is right cool and lots of fun.  She paid for a few months and then we decided to meet outside so she didn't have to pay to be my friend.  Now we meet a couple times a week and either hang out or pretend to study.  It ain't for real.  We just sit and talk most of the time.  We share our trials and problems, so it is good to have a person to help in this land of confusion.  We are a kind of cultural informant for each other.  It is usually funny.  We laugh that it is okay to slurp on your straw when they ain't much left at the bottom of the cup in Korea, but my mom used to knock me upside the head if I'd do that back home.   It is pretty funny.  They's plenty of funny things that happens when we hang out.  We even had a funny conversation about spam last week.  I guess Koreans thinks it is good food since American soldiers used to eat it during the war.  Her foreign friend in Canada ask her why she was eating cat food, so we laugh about that.

They's a cat at Culcom sometimes.  I ain't a friend to many cats, but my friend Justin loves animals and children as well as old people.  I love old people and some funny children, but not cats.  He is sometimes so distracted during the conversation time and he plays with the dumb cat.  It makes me laugh pretty hard.  Tonight, the cat wadn't there.  I have no idea where it was.  However, a Korean member of our group asked me to be his language exchange partner because he has been attending for a long time and ain't had one yet.  I told him that I am far too busy, but we could hang out sometime.  He suggested that he buy me Smootie King.  I was tired, but I couldn't go home with the offer of a free drink at my favorite beverage joint.  So, I give in and went.  He was excited to tell me about how he is in the middle of making fuel efficient cars.  So, more or less, I just sit there and listened to him talk about random stuff.   It was still amusing.  He paid and wouldn't even allow me to hold the call thingy that rings and flashes when the order is ready.  Ah.. Koreans are funny!

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