Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funny Things Today

I had a relaxed day at work today.  It was just a normal school day.  However, some of the students are just so funny in Korea.  It was one who come to my office to remind me that I was going to his class today.  I go to each class about once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Sometimes it is longer in between each visit.  I opened the double doors and shook his hand and his friend was on all fours on the floor.  His friend reached around and grabbed on to my ankle as a joke.  I went to laughing so hard.  These kids are 15 years old!  Are you serious?

I come home and took me a good ole' nap.  I need to take those these days.  They ain't no way around it.  I take too many pills.  They make me tired, but I power through it and go to the gym.  I refuse to not go.  While leaving the gym I saw a Canadian guy who goes there too.  He asked me about costumes which was fairly random.  I don't know the first thing about them.  I guess that since I speak English he assumed that I must know about costumes too.  Just then, one of my students, who I didn't recognize, rolled up on his bike and said, "Teacher, how are you?  I go to the house."  Then he shook my hand and rolled off.  Korea is so random.  It was funny.  As he rolled off, the Canadian guy said, "I go to the house too!"  Ha!

I met with my language exchange partner today.  It was pretty funny as always.  I eat some 'pat-bing-su' which is shaved ice with sweet milk, red beans, fruit cocktail and ice cream on top.  I eat it all myself.  We talked about everything going on in our lives.  It is a super fun time.

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Burkulater said...

Pat-bing-su sounds atrocious!

What's the house?