Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's many things that are annoying here.  I met up with some friends for a costume party yesterday.  I didn't dress up because I find it odd to gather in a small house and sit around with several other professionals and wear odd clothes.  I'm sorry, but I've growed out of that.  I just don't see myself doing it ever again.  Perhaps, but not in Korea.  They's too many other weird things around me.  I don't wanna dress up weird.

We got to talking about how some things here are just so odd.  The most common thing that people brung up was spitting.  Guys and sometimes even girls in miniskirts decide that they want to spit.  I mean..., they just spit everwhere they want.  They have no care in the world.  It is strange to be sitting in a restaurant and have someone just spit on the floor next to you.  Then you look up at them and they are dressed up in their Sunday best.  One has to wonder.

I find the several puke piles at the ground on the way to work more annoying.  I'm rather tired of the morning and I don't wanna pay attention.  So, if I ain't a lookin' out, I find myself with a few chunks at the bottom of my shoes.  Nasty!  I druther have a few spit spots than a few piles of puke.  It is out of control.  One time I saw a guy sleeping in his suit outside my house.  He just slept there after a night out on the town and then turned around and went off to work.  How crazy is that?

Then they's this line of women in their 40s or 50s that works at a make-up shop.  They line up at morning time and bow all together at the 8 lanes of traffic that pass.  I've learnt to pass behind them.  It is so funny to me.  you should see them look out of the corner of their eyes as they see a foreigner approach and walk up to what is just beside of them.  They bow like robots.  I wonder if some of them spit as they bow sometimes. So, needless to say, walking to work can be interesting.

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OneBigHappy said...

At least you've figured it out. You just need to dress up in odd clothes, spit on restaurant floors and leave some puke on the sidewalk on your way to work each morning and you'll be right at home.