Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, the rain was a fallin for about 2 days.  I never seen it rain like that before and I guess that Koreans hadn't either.  It was crazy.  An hour away had a bus or two half covered with water.  It has been easy at work.  In fact, it has been too easy.  I've taught about 25 hours in the last month and none this week.  I have just sit there and chatted on facebook.  Today I took me a two hour nap at work on the bench in the 'English Only Zone'.  I went to feelin' bad, but then my co-worker told me that the 'foreign' teacher slept all of the time last year.

I am on my way to the East Sea.  It should be nice weather for once tomorrow.  It rained more there than here.  We are talking about feet of rain at a time.  It is crazy.  I am going with 2 Korean friends and a friend from Scotland.  It should be funny.  My friend form Scotland wants to be an Anglican priest and he was a monk for 1 year.  What the heck! LOL!  That is funny.  We are renting a 'pension' which is a fancy beach condo for 2 days. It should be interesting since last time I slept in a beach hut.  I hope that I ain't fried again like last time.  I wish I'z able to get on here and write more a bit more.  I just don't think of it.  Well, my friends are on their way to the subway station, so I better start to walkin' with my backpack and pillow.  We have a 3 hour drive ahead of us and it is 9:35 already.  This should be fun!