Monday, September 26, 2011

More Updates!

So, I have decided to be more dedicated to this blog.   It is for myself as much as it is for whoever wants to read I suppose.  I ain't been writing much lately.  It ain't from a lack of stuff going on.  They's more going on here than one could imagine.  I had a nice day at work.  We had our staff photo today.  I stood on a desk in the middle of the soccer field for the photo among all of my coworkers.  It wasn't the most normalest of situations.  Even the newest coworker that just got hired thought that it was right weird.  I came home and took me a awesome nap and headed off to the Nepal restaurant down the road with a neighbor.  I had the standard chicken tikka with some Korean rice for about 9 bucks.  Not bad!

I've been pretty regular about going to the gym.  I ain't missed too many days.  I've become a bit more disciplined recently, but they's plenty of room to improve.  I am far from being good.  I've tried to do 5 days of Bible reading 5 days a week and I have failed by 15 or 30 minutes every week.  I am at least trying.  That is better than before I suppose.  Couple all of that stuff with language exchange 2 times per week and hanging out with ever the heck who wants to at random times leaves me pretty busy.  Busy is good to a point, but when you have these personal things that you 'have to do', it gets pretty darn annoying.  

Next week is a holiday in Korea.  My language exchange partner is hosting some of the jazz singers for the festival.  Korea does festivals unlike no place else.  She will make sure that they eat and are able to get around well while they are here for the festival.  I guess that they are famous, but I ain't got no idea about jazz except that I got a free ticket and my friend will be going with me too.  Funny times are sure to be around the corner.  We always have random experiences.  So, while Koreans remember that God created Korea as the center of the universe or something like that, I'll be at a jazz festival.  I wish they had a country festival.  I'd be there so fast!

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