Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Hour

I got off work one hour early today.  We call this dynamic Korea.  Things here don't make too much sense and most teachers go crazy trying to figure it out.  I had taught my four hours out of a eight hour day and after the kids went home, they just told me to go home.  I was more than excited.  I didn't sleep much yesterday night.  I went to a weird so-ju bar with a friend.  They had Arabicish drapes 'round most of the booths, but ours was strange.  We didn't get one.  It was bright red with mirrors and flashing lights everywhere.  Each light changed colors every five seconds or so.  I liketa went crazy trying to focus on our conversation.  The waitor asked for our id.  We have no idea why!  Perhaps he thought we were not 18 or he just wanted to examine our ids and figure out where we were from.  Who knows?  I was there for a little longer than one hour.

I went to the PC room which is basically a room with lots of computers.  I choose the smoke free room.  It ain't truly smoke free, but it ain't that bad either.  I went there today cuz my stupid Internet at home worked well for less than one day.  I don't have a clue why it don't work no more.  Just one day.  I guess that's better than a hour.  I chilled there and then went to the gym for a hour.  The gym is nutty too.  People jiggle their fat on these random machines that once was popular in the US back in yesteryear.  It is hard not to notice these strange things going on or the fact that I'm strange compared to them.  Yep! They all stare at me.  I hate it, but a gym is a gym and that's it.  Regardless of the hour of being stared at, I endure.  I'm back at the PC room for a hour. 

After work tomorrow, I have to go out to eat with all of the new teachers in my middle school.  I guess they rotate schools every five years and some of them get placed in schools that are really far from their houses.  I feel bad, but that's their system. Dynamic Korea!  I hope it don't last much more than one hour.  Meals out are just what people do for work.  I enjoy eating, but I usually just sit there and maybe pertend to know what is going on.  Last time I sit there on the floor and smiled for one hour while eating.  Not my idea of fun.  Maybe I'll get to watch them building an amazing apartment near my school on the way to the restaurant.  They just lift one room at a time with a crane.  Nutty! People just walk under them as they are building as if there's no possible danger.  Dynamic Korea!

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