Saturday, March 5, 2011


I worked til 4:30 like on most days on Friday.  I left and walked part of the way home with a co-worker.  We stopped in at a store and I bought me a nice diet coke.  I love them things.  I also got some air spray for my stinky loft.  That's another story!  My friend took the subway the rest of the way and I went on my way.  I was in my own little ole world drinking my pop.  I drunk just about 80% of it and as I was waltzing along somebody stoled my can right out of my hands.  He must have been ever bit of 30 years old.  I couldn't believe it.  I just kept going with the air spray in my other hand.  I was stunned.  I still can't understand what it was about.  It ain't like he was a drinkin' or at least I don't think he was.  Just crazy!

Well after all of that, I went home to my stinky house and took a nice nap.  After that I went to meet up with a friend.  He happens to be from England and we struggle to understand each other.  Funny!  First I went to Mickey D's to wait and I ordered what I thought was a chocolate ice cream in a cup.  They gave it to me and it had cookies on the bottom with coffee on top.  Weird.  So then I met up with my friend which is saying something cuz hardly any of us have cell phones yet and most of us have no idea how to travel by bus or subway.  Of course, we can't talk to anyone so that ain't easy either.

We went to lookin' for a restaurant and found one that serves pork b-que.  We had ribs this time which is typical.  I had to talk for both of us which was a trip.  I hardly know anything in Korean so they mostly laughed at us while we tried to eat with chopsticks and act like we knew what was up.  It was so many things that made all of us laugh.  Randomess is what it was.  We wanted to find some place that reminded us of home so we ended up in a Miller bar.  The whole time I kept a thinkin' how White Trash it was.  Miller beer.... are you serious?? LOL!  It was so expensive too.  What the heck!  Then we wandered around and decided that we wanted so-ju which is their rice drink.  We wandered into another similar restaurant and tried to order for one, but they insisted that we order for two.  We were not hungry at all.   That's what you get I guess.  After that we wandered back to my house to try and solve the stinky problem.

You have to understand that I'd been there for over a week and I hadn't give up a single bit of my trash.  It was like I was hanging on to it.  No actually, I had no idea what to do with it.   I guess I was supposed to somehow know how to seperate each and every piece of garbage and put it in this mysterious place.  I finally asked and got a general idea where it was supposed to go.  I took it downstairs at midnight in hope that nobody would be there.  Well, of course it was 4 middle aged guys down there and they quickly followed me and stared and started telling me what to do.  Well, it didn't help none.  I wandered back and forth and he followed telling me what to do.  So, then I finally got rid of my trash and it stunk just a bit less in my loft.


OneBigHappy said...

What adventurous adventures you're having. I think random is the most fun a lot of the time anyway.

hillary said...

I am jealous of your adventures.